Beauty & Spa Booking

Beauty & Spa Booking
This is a vender booking website. In this website between the user & vendor also have an Admin management who will control all of them. This software comes to increase online bookings for different vendors. Users can choose their own booking services & also change the service.
It uses very easy & paid via banking system.Admin can modify the site & also password. Vendor will appoint the appointment, booking list, service category list. Vendor also sends the messages to the users who will book the services.

Extension the benefit of your website with best Vendor Booking Software

People’s are so energetic & actively performed to give services on every day. Most benefit of this website is users from different country’s, city & state will get their services. Before booking you can check the review list of previous users. Also have the multi currency option & change the fees system by the fees management system. Some promotional mails are prepared by business for new services. To acquire faith in the perfect time business can complete their work on time or it will forward to the dispute management.

To acquire as a result:

• It is a simple, secure and fast interface to access services near you.
• Users can book their appointment securely.
• In this website Host your business, Login, Join.
• It’s free for Customers to join in this booking service.
• Just one click away from getting all the information they need to know about the booking security.
• This website offers Cancelation Protection for Customer appointments that leverage booking services Payment Gateway.
• Businesses can post their appointments, update their contact information, and manage content to their business.
• Escrow Protection.
• Customizable Business Page.


If you can start business planning to online community platform that brings people who want Services “Customers” to people who provide Services “Businesses”.

In this website there have two Accounts – Customer Account & Business Account.
• In customer account -some understandable menu icons.
• Customer can log in this account.
• Customer can create an account system & profile.
• Secured the password.
• Create the transaction history & payment profile.
• Also have current booking services.
• Online business
• Notification
• Mailbox
• Logout
• Full screen view
• In Business account –also have some icons.
• Vendor can also log in this account.
• Six understandable menu icons are present.
• Clients & Dispute mailboxes are two extra icons are present.

Vendor booking application Backend Features

Backend Features:

1. Dashboard
2. Sub Admin Management System
• Add Sub Admin
• Sub admin list
3. Site Settings Management System
• Admin setting management
• Modification of
• Password settings management
• Change password
4. Content Management System
• Content List
• Add new content
• Ad Banner list
• Add new ad Banner
• Add new Help Video
• Help video list
5. Appointment Booking Management System
• Add appointment Booking
• Appointment Booking List
• Booking List
6. Customer Management System
• Customer List
• Add customer
7. Vendor Management System
• Add Vendor
• Vendor list
8. Sub Vendor Management System
• Sub Vendor List
9. Service Category Management System
• Category list
10. Template Management System
• Template list
• Add new template
11. Message Management System
• Send Message
• Message list
12. Country Management System
• Country
• State
• City
13. Review Management System
• Review list
14. Financial Management System
• Membership list
• Booking list
• Point of Sale List
• Escrow list
• Released list
• Rejected list
15. Front Page Management System
• Media content
• Feedback management
16. Currency Management System
• Currency list
17. Promo Code Management System
• Add promo code
• Promo code list
18. Change Cancellation Policy Management System
19. Fees Management System
• Change fees
20. Newsletter Management System
• Newsletter list
21. Dispute Management System
• Open Dispute List
• Close Dispute List
22. Image Management System
• Add image
• Image List
23. Contact Management System
• Contact list
24. Admin Menu Settings
• Admin menu list

• General information
• Contact information
• Transaction status
• In payment profile add new account
• Client online status
• Edit business page
• Edit business Calendar
• Business Appointment
• Business Booking
• General calendar settings
• Customer review
• Mailing facility
• Dispute details