Music Freelancer


Fulfill your musical aspiration through online services

To achieve the dream as a musician is to build the largest Music Portal Hub for the music that create job for the musician. This software comes to increase online booking services for different skills like musician, guitarist, and classical dancer etc.The booking services have done via banking system. Admin can search the members; registration statistics after completing then review the projects and released the fund.
This is knowledge based service also mentioned the Invitee list, category & skills. After completing the projects also have the feedback service.
If there have any question to help people understand about a particular subject it would solve via faq management. Most important feature is Fund management it will depend upon the completion of the project. If the User is not satisfied by the projects then it will go Dispute management. After checking all the details by the admin the virtual milestone is released transferred to the bank account.
It targeted to serve customers and gain faith in the real time.

It can classify as group category list and searches via online booking system and after completing all the projects final downloading message will give.

Frontend feature:

Music freelancer had established from a group of musician that understand the music and film business.
• Easy and understandable design & icons.
• Easy to Browse & customize control to users.
• User also Log in on this website.
• Many skills are present here.
• Menus are- Post job, Find job, Find Freelancer, Sell & Buy songs, Musician resource, Manage account.
• In “Find jobs” have Type of project, Latest project, latest feature, Low bid, high bid, Local job, Bookmark project.
• Many skills have.
• Membership plan –Free,Intro, Plus, Standard, Premium
• Different Hourly rate & also specific music type.
• Multi language & multi county option.

Top most features:

• Expertise
• Project management
• Quality Assurance
• Knowledge category
• Invitee list
• Meta list management
• Musician search
• Terms & Conditions
• Service provider agreement
• Refund Policy
• Privacy Policy
• FAQs
• Sitemap
• Contact Us
• Support
• Category & skills management

Music Freelancer

Backend Features:

1. Dashboard
2. Administrator Menu System
• Admin menu list
• Add/Modify Administrator Menu
3. Project Management (Process) System
• Project management (Open)
• Project management (In progress)
• Project management (Pending)
• Project management (Completed)
• Project management (Expired)
4. Admin User Control System
• Admin user type
• Add/Modify Admin User Type
• User List
• Add/Modify User
5. Membership Management System
• Membership Plan List
6. Knowledge Management System
• Knowledge List• Knowledge Category list
• Add/Modify Knowledge Category
7. Category & Skill Management System
• Category list
• Add/Modify Project Category
8. Location Management System
• City List
9. Invitee User List Management System
• Unregistered Invitee List
• Registered Invitee List
• Partner List
• Add Partners
11. Newsletter Management System
12. Banner Management System
• Banner Image List
• Add New Banner
• Classified Banner Image List
• Ads Classified Banner Image List
• Banner bottom add list
• Add banner bottom ad
13. Testimonial Management System
• Add new Testimonial
• Testimonial List
14. Member Management System
• Member list
• Add new Member
• Close Member list
• Feedback list
15. Email Template Management System
• Email List
• Add Email Template
16. FAQ Management System
• FAQ list
• Add/Modify FAQ
• FAQ Category list
• Add/Modify FAQ Category
17. Fund Management System
• Escrow Management
• Withdrawn Money
• Profit
• Transaction history
• Add fund management
• Dispute management
18. Content Management System
• Content List
• Add new content
19. Meta Management System
• Meta list
• Add Meta section
20. News Management System
• News list
• Add news
21. Classified Ads Category List
• Add Group Category
• Add/Modify Group Category
22. Site Settings Management System
• Site map
• Site settings management
• Password Setting
• Popular links configure
• Modify Home page cms
• Modify Home page module
• Set Profile Completeness Parameter
• Home text list
23. Download Management System
• Download list
24. Contact Us Management System
• Musician Search
• Genre list
• Instrument Played list
• Music Job Type list
• Music Film Type list
25. Advertise Management System
• Add New Advertise
• Advertise List

Extra features:

• Membership Graph chart
• Project Graph Chart
• Financial Graph Chart
• Escrow Management
• Dispute details
• Transaction details
• Service Location
• Book the service
• Contacts
• Advertise Management